Shamanic healing is the most ancient medicine known to mankind.

Shamanic ceremonies are tools to experience the divine in direct revelation. 

"when time is right all things are released from their hidden places and brought to the light of day"


From the book DREAM FEATHER 

We all carry emotional and energetical wounds from our childhood, from our parents and from family stories passed down generation after generation. When life becomes difficult it's a sign of having accumulated heavy energy and it's an opportunity to go within, to let go of old stories and dogmas, to shed the skin like the snake does every month growing into something new.


Ceremonies and rituals have been for thousands of years a tool to connect to the divine and experience the spiritual and sacred aspect of life. When we see the beauty, the love, when we understand that the invisible world holds unlimited potential to tap into the fabric of the universe, we feel connected to everyone and everything. May we all live a life full of blessings, feeling the sacred in everyday here on earth. 


Our universe speaks the language of frequency and vibration. And so does every cell in our body. Music can change our mood within seconds. Music can help us heal deep emotional and energetic wounds. Rhythm is universal, it connects us all. It's the first thing we hear and feel when in the womb of our mother. Through drum circles, music, singing and dance, we can transform and grow into a new self, feeling alive. Let the beat and sound be your guide into deep meditative states and ekstatic trance. Let the rhythm touch you and make you move, so you may feel the divine within and express the joy and love for life through your heart and body.  


With my background in tourism and deep love for the people, cultures, languages and powerful spiritual sites around this beautiful planet, I invite you to join me on a unique travel experience that is built around the many blessings Pachamama is offering us. With local guides, an intimate group size, shamanic ceremonies under the stars, shamanic wisdom teachings and a connection to nature and communities we visit, this will be a travel experience that has the power to transform you, heal you, nourish you. It will change the way you see life and stay in your heart for ever. 




Cacao is a powerful medicine. It is here to awaken our hearts. Guided by music & drumming this journey will touch you deeply. 



The fire as one of the four elements, reminds us how everything is permanent, everything can be transformed and therefor make room again for something new. New information, new energy, new experiences. With the sound of the drums, with the healing power of plants and guided by the stars, we dive deep and fly high in this ceremony. Deep into the unknonw, the unseen, experiencing the sacredness and the magic of this experience here on earth.


As a child, my mom as well as my teachers in school didn’t often know what to do with my energy and strength. And as hard it was for my surroundings, as difficult it was for me to fit in. I dropped out of several schools always challenged to find my place again. I was bullied and bullied others. It was this one shamanic ceremony that placed a seed in my heart. It was then when things cracked open, tears were running down my face and where my healing journey started....