My GOlden path



In this shamanic healing session so many things cracked open, tears were running down my face. That day a seed was planted in my heart.

So I may walk the shamanic path myself and turn my biggest sufferings into my most powerful skills. Learning to channel my energy to touch my surroundings softly, sparking people with joy and laughter. And so my everyday exercise is to wake up with a prayer being grateful for what was, is and will be and ending the day likewise. My everyday practice and challenge is to align the heart with my thoughts, words and actions.

After intensive shamanic trainings over the past 10 years in Germany, Switzerland and Peru with the Paqos, receiving initiations to walk the path of the Pampamesayok, I feel the call to share with you what I’ve learnt so far on this mystical and magical shamanic journey.


My heart path doesn’t end here, but keeps unfolding with every step I make here on mother earth. Life is a gift and sacred and so is everything we see, hear, feel and experience. Aho!

IMG_1522 (1).jpeg

We are not separate from mother nature. We are made from star dust, we are the mountains, the water, the fire, the flowers.


May we remember who we really are, may we remember how sacred this experience here on earth is and receive a live full of blessings, gifts, sweetness, love and feel fully alive. So that we shine like the sun, have energy like the fire and our hearts are filled with joy.