shamanic Ceremonies & Rituals


a shamanic CEREMONY IS A divine experience


​Ceremonies have been around for thousands of years. It's a beautiful way to connect with the divine, to feel the sacred of every moment, of this time and space. To come together, celebrating life, supporting each other here on this spiritual journey. 

A ceremony has a beginning and it has an end. In a ceremony we create a sacred space and participate in something that is so magical, mystical, something that is not to be understood by the intellectual mind but only felt in every cell of the body, it touches us on a soul level. We become one with everybody and everything. 

Since more than seven years of practicing the art of ceremonial master, after challenges I had to overcome and still feeling the magic of every ceremony created, it is with great joy that I invite you too to this save and sacred space. My promise is that operate from my highest self, keeping the energy flowing for your personal and spiritual transformation.  

shamanic cacao ceremony


Cacao is a sacred plant, it's a medicine that is a powerful heart opener. It helps us get in touch with our feelings, Cacao gives a lot of energy and helps us move through emotions, so that we arrive again at the very nature of our feelings: JOY. This is the natural state our heart enjoy to be in.


When we are in joy our heart is open. The Aztec in Mexico called Cacao the drink of the gods because they knew of the healing powers of this beautiful plant.


The Cacao ceremonies are supported by life music from Handpan sounds, singing bowls to rattles and drums. May the spirit of the Cacao touch your heart and may it help you move through all emotions to be left with a heart full of JOY.

despacho  ceremony


The Despacho is an offering. An offering to Pachamama, our dear mother that feeds us, nourishes us and holds us. It is a moment of deep connection to her gifts and a moment of grattitude. When we feel grateful our heart is open. The Despacho Ceremony is also a great opportunity to blow our wishes, visions for the future into the flowers and as well the stories we want to let go of. 

A despacho offering is burnt afterwards in the fire or given to a river, lake or the ocean. So that nature then takes our wishes and helps bringing them to life. 

The despacho is a beautiful ceremony that touches one on deep soul level. It can be carried out when loved ones have passed away, to help their soul find their way back to the stars. It can be done when we are looking for change in our lives such as a new job, new partner, new house or welcoming simply a new chapter in our life. 

It is a powerful tool to say thank you for everything we are grateful for. 

find your spirit animal

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Life is not always easy. For no one. When we use the tools of the spirit world, when we walk the path of life feeling the support of our ancestors walking behind us, when we find our spirit, our power animal, we get through the rough moment and chapters with more guidance and clarity. The four most important power animals in shamanism are the SNAKE, the JAGUAR, the HUMMINGBIRD, the EAGLE. 

In this Ritual you are guided by the drums to go deep within, to see visions and to meet your spirit animal that has been waiting for you for so long. 

private ceremonies

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Private ceremonies are a beautiful gift for your partner, for your family or for yourself. 

To bless your new home

To baptize your child

To celebrate your love

To work with plant medicine

To celebrate life 

I play different instruments such as the Handpan, singing bowls, singing and drumming and I'm happy to create an unforgettable spiritual experience in a private setting.