About me

As a child, my mom as well as my teachers in school didn’t often know what to do with my energy and strength. And as hard it was for my surroundings, as difficult it was for me to fit in. I dropped out of several schools always challenged to find my place again. I was bullied and bullied others. Over time when turning into a grown-up man, I started being drawn more and more to spirituality and finding answers to questions I was not even looking for. I started turning my sufferings into my biggest skills. Including all types of humanity in my life and connecting people with one and another on a heart level, spreading light and good vibes. I learnt to channel my energy to touch my surroundings softly, sparking people with joy and laughter. My everyday exercise is to wake up with a prayer being grateful for what was, is and will be and ending the day likewise. My everyday practice (and challenge) is to align the heart with my thoughts, words and actions.


After my first shamanic session with my dear step mother and shaman Janine Jenal around 2010, where within one hour so much happened, I was deeply touched and wanted to understand more of what this word “shamanism” stands for and what techniques worked so gently yet powerful. And the more I studied shamanism over the past 8 years, the more I felt it in my heart that this is something to keep following. After intensive shamanic trainings in Germany and Peru and my everyday practices to be energetically connected to the universe and grounded to mother earth, I feel the call to share with you what I’ve learnt so far on this mystical and magical shamanic journey. My heart path doesn’t end here, but keeps unfolding with every step I make here on mother earth. Life is a gift and sacred and so is everything we see, hear, feel and experience. Aho!