Spiritual Tours


"When the time is right all things are released from their hidden places and brought to the light of day"

7 days

We meet in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland where we have also our home base. From there our local guide takes us to the most powerful sites on this alive blessed land and island.


From bathing in natural hot springs, to massive waterfalls, to Geysir spitting hot water up to 200 meters into the air, to night expeditions with a shamanic ceremony under the stars - and if the universe will bring it all together, we may also experience the deeply touching Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights. 

14 days

Ayurveda - is with the Chinese Medicine the oldest healing tradition known to mankind. We stay in Ayurvedic Hotels, receive healing through an individual program with ayurvedic herbs & oils, 4-hand massage,  and  a detox diet. We go on tours to visit ancient spiritual sites such as the sacred Sigiriya mountain with its beautiful paintings, greet elephant families walking through the Yala national park, connect with the fine energy of the divine cave temples of Dambulla, participate in sacred ceremonies at Gangaramaya temple in Colombo.


We travel on a private house boat  in Kerala, South India on the holy waters Backwaters.


Sri Lanka and South India are waiting to touch your soul....  

UK, IRELAND & SCotland
7 days

The blessed lands of UK, Ireland and Scotland with its ancient and powerful sites like Stonehenge in the UK, Finnich Glen and Callanish Stones in Scotland, the lands of druids and celts. Returning home full of life force, connected to the earth and to the great spirit. Join us on this trip, let us build roots so deep and have wings flying in the wind.