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I started drumming at the age of Kindergarden and the world of drums has not left me ever since. From African drums to indian, to arabic, to south american drums, the world of drums is endless and it has been around for as long as we have humans.


Drumming is a form of communication, of expression. From slow to fast, from quiet to loud and back again. It's intuitive and we shall not forget that rhythm is core human.


It is the first thing we here and feel when in the womb of our mother. Since 2019 I'm giving rhythm workshop for kids in Erlenbach Zurich, sharing my joy and passion for the world of drums and rhythms. Rhythm is life !

Drum circle adults

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Every last Sunday of the month I hold a drum circle for adults. From absolute beginners to advances, all are welcome.


We dance, we sing and of course we drum. May the beat touch you the way it touches me !