Shamanic Energy Healing 


We all carry emotional and energetical wounds from our childhood, traumatic events, from our parents and from family stories passed down generation after generation. When life becomes difficult it's a sign of having accumulated heavy energy and it's an opportunity to go within, to let go of old stories and dogmas, to shed the skin like the snake does every month, growing into something new.

how it works

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Our cells store the energy of past events and we carry often stories passed down the family line generation after generation with us, often without knowing. We see and feel that lives keeps on giving us the same lessons and as hard we try, we cannot resolve them. 

In a shamanic energy healing session you can lie down and you don't have to do anything. Energy knows where it must go to transform blockages. 

The shamanic practices are precise and the medicine bundle called Mesa is a powerful tool that helps the shaman to guide the energy going where it needs to go.



your healing journey


Calling the energy of the Jaguar, the snake, the humming bird, the eagle, the energy of the mountains, energy of the sun, the energy of the Pleyades, your birth star, you feel how your chakras are filled with Sami, light energy and heavy energy is released to mother earth.


Letting go is part of this energetical process. Letting go and making room for a new you, for a new body, for a new future is the only thing asked from you. Not holding on to old stories, to wounds but letting them heal, not only on a psychological level but on an enegetical level too.

joy. energy. Alive.


​There are no negative or positive people. There is light energy and heavy energy. Just as children are full of life force and light energy as we grow older we tend to lose the joy and lightness in life and accumulate heavy energy. And just as we clean our bodies we can also clean our energetic field to feel fresh, reborn, free and full of life again. Shamanic techniques are highly efficient and effective to let go of heavy energy.